Sunday, November 06, 2005

North America Nebula (NGC 7000)

Taken the same night as M31. I took four images, but somehow they were rotated slightly in relation to each other and I could only get two to align decently. Some sing the virtues of photography because it brings out details you can't observe visually. In this case, Bill, Bill & Bob (also at SOS that night) and I were unable to see this at all visually, yet there it is in the photograph.

Andromeda Galaxy

(M31 with M32 & M110) Andromeda AGAIN? Yes, this is a photo I just took last night (11/5/05) at Steelmantown Observation Site (SOS). I subtracted a dark frame, which I hadn't previously. This is a stack of three images; however, one of them was a much shorter exposure, so I duplicated the brighter ones and, in effect, stacked five images, you see. Is it "better" than before?...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rosette and (part of) Veil Nebulae

California & Cocoon Nebulae & Double Cluster

All three photos taken the same night (as were several others) in Cherry Springs, PA. I used only my Quantaray 85-300mm lens zoomed in all the way and used the scope mount for tracking. I had planned to present the Messier Objects in some kind of order, but since I haven't taken them all yet, and taken many poorly, and the rest taken several times and have yet to sift through the files to find the best shots, I decided to post these as I take them and get them ready for the site. It will just be a bit tricky to navigate when there are ALL here...